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Volvos S80 won't go over 2 miles an hour

Hi All,

I have a volvo s80, 2001. No matter how hard or how far I press the gas petal down it won’t go over 2 miles an hour. Any suggestions as to whats wrong?



The problem might be with Accelerator Pedal Position sensor or the Electronic Throttle Module.

Your vehicle doesn’t utilize a throttle cable between the gas pedal and the throttle body. Instead it’s electronically controlled with these components.


Does the engine rev but the car not go ?
Or does the engine NOT rev despite all the pedal movement ?

In my case, engine not reving despite pedal movement, car would ease forward under idle rpms if in gear but not accelerate.

  • air flow sensor -
    Sensor unplugged, wire problem there, or ducting off after the sensor. Sensor does not transmit info on demand for increased air flow.

problem with t.p. sensor or wiring can give same ‘no signal’.

The car will raise it’s rev just a litting with in gear. When you put it in drive it will move but barely. When you throw it in reverse it will move a litte faster. Sounds like your case and mine was the same thing. Where is the air flow sensor?

In the air intake ducting.
From your air filter, look at the flex ducting for a hard section with a trapazoidal area with two mounting screws and an electrical plug. That’s the sensor mounted to reach into the duct.
Has someone recently been working under the hood ?
Is the duct detached or broken ?
Is the plug on the sensor ?
Are any wires broken or worn through ?

( disclaimer ; This is only a guess based on my experience, other diagnoses may be needed. )

Excellent. I will look at all you have described. So you don’t think it’s the fuel injectors?

No, it idles smooth and normal ?
Not unless it’s the computer controling the injectors. ( mentioned above by tester )
This computer needs multiple data to increase the rpm. It will tell the injectors to fire faster when more airflow is detected when more accelerator pedal input is detected etc.etc.etc.

( You cannot rev the engine in park or neutral on my 06 Escape hybrid because no wheel speed is detected. )

Well it wasn’t the air flow sensor. I noticed I kept blowing a throttle control fuse.

So where did you find the overcurrent problem in the throttle control system? Was it a shorted throttle body motor or a problem with the Engine Control Module?

Keep us in the loop on the solution to this problem.