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There are approximately 85 Volvo S40 Turbos that need alternators. There are not any available in this country. Volvo is not sure how long it will take to make them, ship them, etc. Is it safe to drive with a bad alternator?

If the alternator does not properly charge the battery during use, then it will ruin the battery and leave you stranded.

Why not look at the after-market parts stores for a proper part?

Apparently there are no parts available anywhere. I am not a mechanic, but have taken it to the dealer and then to a mechanic. I cannot believe that Volvo has left us stranded.

Go to a place like and do the look up for the alternator. It will generally show two to six vendors that should have a match to your car. They also indicate approx delivery times.

If that doesn’t work, post back with year of car, engine size, etc so someone can help you do a look up.

I did a look up for 2002 model year, and found a 75 amp and 140 amp universal fit alternator at O’Reilly Auto Parts that would fit. There are several choices out of stock, but O’Reilly will ship for free, due to the $200+ cost on the alternator. I assume Rock Auto will show similar or better results.

You could see if a salvage yard alternator can be located. It should hold you over until Volvo can provide a new one.

What year is it?

Some specialty automotive electrical shops will rebuild an alternator. You might check to see if there is one in your area that will rebuild your alternator.

Actually if your battary is in pretty good condition and you have access to a battary charger, and you can limit your driving to days or at least minimize the current draw, (head lights, heater fan, etc) you can get by for a while by charging up your battery every night then unplug it prior to taking off for work in the morning. If you have a long commute, or need to use your heater on high, then you will likely find yourself stranded. But using care, it can be done.

Thanks everyone, found a local mechanic and will take the car into him on Wednesday. He thinks it can be rebuilt. Thanks for all the input. The car is a 2005 Volvo S40 T5.

Good luck. does list a rebuilt alternator for your car, $200 plus $60 core charge.