1981 Volvo 240Dl are those good cars? It will turn over but won’t start any ideas

generally good cars, not so with later model Volvo’s. Lot’s of reasons why it won’t start. Not getting fuel, and/or not getting spark are first things to check.

I think that DI is a Diesel Injection so no spark plugs.

If the starter is turning it over normally, it is likely a fuel issue or like some diesels it has an anti-shutter valve and it may be sticking closed. Sorry I don’t not Volvos well enough to be more specific.

Are you thinking about buying the car? If so and you manage to get it running find/pay a versed local Volvo mechanic for a pre-purchase inspection.

I’m guessing you mean a 240DL, which was a good car in its day, nothing special now. A car made after, say, 2000 would be better in almost every way.