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Volvo XC 70 warning lights

I have a 1999 Volvo XC 70 with 152,000 miles. Last Wednesday after driving it about 3 miles and stopping it, i restarted it and the following 4 warning lights all came on at once: Brake, ABS, check engine and the shift arrow light came on and was flashing. By the time i got home (about 3 more miles), both the ABS and Brake lights had turned off (and haven’t come back on). When i started it the following morning, the flashing arrow light was also off (and has not come back on). The only light that remains on a week later is the check engine light. The car performed that day perfectly, and has been performing perfectly even since, and there are no weird noises, smells, etc. It has been a fantastic car for the 6-7 years i have owned it and it has been very well maintained. Last Wednesday it was cold outside (25-30), but not terribly cold and this car has seen way colder weather and has done just fine. I have an appointment scheduled with my Volvo mechanic to do diagnostics tomorrow, and we planned on driving it from WY to NM on Sunday. If anyone has any experience with this situation, or can advise i’d sure be curious what you all think. Thanks!

The flashing up arrow means a transmission fault. Hopefully your mechanic has a code reader that captures all the codes including transmission fault codes.

All those lights coming on mean the car either had a significant “event” or a sensor which interacts with these systems has failed or isn’t reporting properly to the car’s main computer.

My experience with a '98 V70XC was that this will cost a bunch of money. Hence, I dumped the car long ago as I could not afford the frequent $1,000++++ repair bills.

If you have been happy with the car so far, I’d seriously consider selling it. At 155K miles the next few years are going to get very expensive if you keep it.

The warning lights run through the alternator field circuit. Keep an eye on the alternator.