Volvo not accelerating

My '99 Volvo V70 does not accelerate appropriately when the accelerator is depressed. It is worse when the vehicle is cold. I had a dealership check it out, and without spending an exhorbitant amount of money, they could not determine the cause. They did complete a software upgrade to the tune of $185. I need help.

Is your V70 a 5 cylinder turbo charged motor?

I believe so, thats what all the techs tell me. However, the previous/first owner said that it did not. One tech pointed to something that appeared to be the smallest turbo I have ever seen, but I have not seen that many.

This is an identical problem as this vehicle which, also, has a fuel pressure sensor on the fuel rail on top of the engine:
The dealer’s mechanics may be ignorant of its existence.

Is the “check engine” light on?

I had a Mass Air Sensor replaced on my '98 V70XC and it had similar symptoms. Erratic response to the gas petal, and intermittent rough idle. Eventually it stalled on day and would not restart. A new mass air sensor did the trick. Easy to install, so not much labor but an expensive part, as are all Volvo parts.

This is only one possible answer, you need to get it to a good independant garage that knows Volvo. At this point if you keep taking this older Volvo to a dealer you will go broke in a hurry. I’d consider selling the car. If you have not had a lot of expensive repairs as yet count yourself lucky. This will be an expensive car to keep, my Volvo was about $3,000 per year and that isn’t including tune ups, and oil changes.

Thank you, I will check it out.