Volvo V50 T5 2005 problems problems



I recently bought (haven’t received title yet) a Volvo V50 T5 2005 with about 25K miles.Within 2 wks of ownership it dumped me! It wouldn’t turn over. It was the ignition which had to be replaced. This was covered by warranty, but it was a huge hassle. The car had to be towed to the garage and roadside assistance wouldn’t pay. The dealer didn’t have the part, so I had to wait m-thrs for the job to be done. They apparently had no loaner cars and I live 22 miles from work in the country- no public transport. Now only a few weeks later (approx 27K miles) the car started to make a lot of noise, check engine light came on a little later. Turns out it is the oil filter housing, gasket and seal needing to be replaced.Another part the dealer didn’t have and eventhough the problem was diagnosed Wed before noon, the part would not arrive until 11 am Fri and hence the job could not be done until Mon. It was questionable as to whether I should be driving the car, but even though a loaner was supposed to have been reserved for me, it was not available.

Have other people had such problems with this year and model Volvo?

I’m nervous as to what problems are ahead, particularly when the warranty runs out.

I’m wondering about moving it out when the title comes which is too bad as I really like the car when it works but there is a HUGE question with respect to reliability.That is why I moved my other car out and bought this one as I was wanting reliability!!

Any thoughts, comments would be appreciated.


I like Volvos also but have never owned one. While they are nice and safe they not noted to be the most reliable cars on the road. If reliability is what you want then I suggest you look into a Toyota or Honda. Hopefully though after this lastest problem is fixed the car will have no more problems for a long time. Keep up the scheduled maintenance on the car. I hope this works out for you, an unreliable car is extremely frustrating.