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Volvo V40 - Heater Fan


I have a 2002 Volvo V40. The heating element works, but the fan is schizophrenic. When the dial is on low, it works, but then occasionally comes on full blast for a second or two. With the dial on medium, it’s as if the fan is still on low, but again it comes on full blast periodically for short periods of time. And with the dial on high, it’s mostly full blast, but still a little unpredictable.

I did some looking around online and it appears that it might be the blower motor resistor. Would that make sense? I’m technically inclined, but more in the computer realm – not really knowledgable about cars. I found this part online:

From what I have read, it’s located behind the passenger glove compartment. Is this a part I could replace with limited car knowledge – but all the necessary tools? Or should I just visit a mechanic? Or do you experts think it’s something else?

Thanks much. - Seth