Volvo steel wheel's

Can anyone tell me where I can find 5 steel wheel’s for a '93 Volvo 940 wagon ? I’m on SSI , so I can’t afford very much, espically with my rent being $300 a month & my gas & electric bill being between $150 & $300 dollars a month (right now ). When I only get $623 a month!

check with your local car junk yard.

In the same vein, check on line with salvage companies (junk yards). You can at least get an idea of what the asking price is. You might even find a salvage yard near home with the rims you want. BTW, why do you need 5 steel rims?

Also, keep an eye on ebay, sometimes stuff like that shows up cheap.

In the above suggestions don’t help check out and see what they have available.

Both SAAB and Volvo wheels can usually be found pretty cheap.

The seller here prefers a local pickup but if you contact them they may be willing to have UPS swing by and pick them for shipment; especially since they would not have to be packaged.

Call more than one salvage yard. Their prices often vary a lot.

I would post a note on ( there is alot of nice people out here willing to help. place an ad in a cheap local paper. ask if any one has a car they might be junking and when they send it to junk yard you what the wheels you can meet the tow truck at the yard and take wheels. have the owner tell them before the car is picked up. call some body shops some times they get tow in,s from wrecks and the car get junked by ins company . first find a friend that is willing to run a will to get these tires and have good tools and jack if needed.

A $300/month electric bill is outrageous. Even at 15cents/kwhr that is 2000 kwhr per month. My 4 bedroom house has 3 TVs, 4 stereos, 2 fridges, freezer, 3 computers, etc. and only runs 565 kilowat-hours per month, or $78 per month plus $78 for water service.

Your best way to cut costs is to replace light bulbs with compact fluorescent units, discipline yourself and your family in turnig lights off use water saving showerheads, etc.

Steel wheels from a rcycling yard are a good deal.

Good luck!

Or, if that doesn’t work, you might want to post a notice on, or leave a note on the community bulletin board at your local supermarket. There are, indeed, a lot of nice people who might be willing to help you, and you could make your needs known through both of these resources.


Please note that the OP said that the bill for his GAS and electric service was currently ~ $150.–$300. per month. Last month, for 382 kWh of electricity and 86.054 therms of gas, my combined utility bill was $202.00. All of my light bulbs are CFLs, I use water-conserving shower heads, I keep my thermostat at 68 degrees, and I turn lights out in unoccupied rooms.

A lot has to do with the part of the country in which one resides, as utility rates vary considerably from one state to another. We used to have fairly decent utility rates in NJ until Christy Whitman became Governor and she de-regulated the utility rates “in the interests of the consumer”. The result was horrendous rate increases. Oh, by the way, she is a Republican.

where abouts do u live i may beable to help u email

Governor Whitman did not deregulate utility providers all by herself. The legislature had to pass a bill and then send it to her for signature. Just to balance it out, MD deregulated electric/gas utilities a while back. In MD, nothing gets done until the Democrats have their say. We are also reeling from a 50% increase in utility rates this summer.

Thank you for the correction; I misunderstood your post. Combined gas electric for $150-$300 is OK, so you know how to conserve.

Check out for salvage wheels in your area. Keep in mind that the 940 was the top of the line in '93. I’m not sure I’ve ever seen a 940 with anything but alloy wheels. Steel wheels off of a 740 sedan will work just fine.