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Volvo-starts hard after fill-up

Have 2000 V70 station wagon, non turbo. After filling it with gas it start only after pumping the gas pedal repeatedly. Than runs rough for 30seconds or so. Than runs great till the next fill up. Removing the gas cap doesn’t cause the same problem. CEL is on. Code says gas/vapor recovery system has a leak. Thanks

Can you get the code read and post it, please


Hey Skua,

If your EVAP system has a leak there are almost always other signs that something is wrong. Usualy everyone complains about fuel economy dropping a very noticable amount ( about 10% - 20%). The CEL and codes would make sence though if that were the case.
Im gonna be honest, I can’t come up with an explanation for the symptoms after every fill up but it is still very much worth your while to take it to the local shop and have them to a EVAP leak test. They presurize the system and inject a smoke in the lines which then can be detected via black light usualy. I dont know the price on average for the test but its not terribly expensive, probably less than $175.

Let us know what the mechanics are able to determine for you,

   Best wishes,