Can't start after filling and chugging during cruise

Hey there!

I have a 2001 Volvo V70 XC which won’t remain on after I fill it up, and while cruising (but not accelerating!) on the highway, it will chug-chug-chug and gives a very jerky ride (confirmed with cruise control). This happens during 60-80 km/hr, but less so at 100-120 km/hr. After I fill the tank I have to rev the engine to get it to ‘catch’ - if I don’t the tach will drop to zero and the car will stall. Any ideas out there! :wink:

Is the ‘Check Engine’ light on? Does it go on anytime the engine is behaving like this?

The reason I ask is because there are two systems affected by the fuel in the tank. The first is the EVAP system. This system is designed to prevent the escape of gas fumes to the outside air. Since it was designed to handle fumes, raw gas liquid can easily damage the components and cause trouble. This can happen if you are in the habit of topping off the tank. I suggest you stop doing it if you have been doing it in the past.

The other system is the fuel pump system. It may be going bad on you. The evap system is monitored by the computer, and trouble should set a code. The fuel pump is not, but can be tested with a pressure gauge attached to the test port under the hood, and read by a professional.

Have you tried to loosen the fuel cap and drive that way? This would vent the tank and negate the fuel cap vent and the evap system… Just a Flintstone sort of test…see if it works…if it does it says much.