Volvo-specific Calipers vs Universal Calipers

Found some via Autozone, thanks.

That’s a new one for me. I still have a hard time seeing how they’ll work for other vehicles. Caliper bolt patterns…but Rotor size…and brake line…Those are different on each vehicle.

Rock Auto lists three different options for pads:

Friction Master

…all within a buck of each other (front and/or rear)

A ton of different caliper sources (AC Delco, Raybestos, Wagner, Centric, Nastra). The note here is the difference in the core charge, which can go up to $120.

…and a whole load of different rotors, that range from your basic brakes all the way up to crazy performance stuff.

Leaving out the cross-drilled performance stuff, I’ve always opted for the most expensive, name brand aftermarket stuff I can afford, provided it’s not $300 more.