My daughter took her 2007 VW Passat in to a repair shop (not dealership) to have the brakes repaired 2 days ago. The work was supposed to be done 2 days ago. They called a while ago and said the calipers had to be replaced and the cost would be @$3,000. My questions are: (1) would it take that long to figure out there was something wrong with the calipers and (2) does $3,000 sound right?

First off where did your daughter take the car??

What I found is…the chains like Midas or Monro ALWAYS say you need new calipers. Their mechanics work on commission. The more parts they sell the more money they make.

Chances are the calipers are still fine. Find another INDEPENDENT mechanic…FAST.

Second…$3000 is OUTRAGEOUS. Is there something special about the Passat??? Calipers cost about $100+ core deposit each. FIND ANOTHER MECHANIC FAST.

I agree with Mikeinnh. Get your car out of there. Tow it if you have to.

Agreed. $3,000 is way too much for that job.

What was wrong with the brakes in the first place, and where did your daughter take the car?

A two year old car shouldn’t need new calipers, and even if it did it shouldn’t cost anywhere near $3,000.

Get the car out of there and take it to another mechanic.

This is called fraud in my view. Get the car out of there, and file a complaint with the State licensing department.

What if this was a “I put ATF in the brake resivoir” type thing?

What if it was? Could it really cost $3,000 to replace calipers? They cost about $200 each, without the rotors. You are right, there are possible reasons why the calipers are no good, but short of pouring maple syrup into the reservoir or parking in salt water, I am hard pressed to come up with one that is logical. I’ve never had to replace a caliper - certainly not on a 2 year old car.

Why is this not covered by a warranty?

That price is crazy. Get a second opinion.