Volvo OBD II reset

I’m driving a 1998 Volvo S70 T-5 manual with 108,000 miles. Car runs great except in April got some stumbling and a check engine light which sent me in for some ignition work. Car runs great again. Today, 6 June went for emissions test and car failed due to “OBD not ready.” Apparently a common occurrence as they gave me a lengthy, detailed info sheet discussing the issue. Volvo says it’s not an uncommon problem with early OBD IIs; they don’t reset with normal driving after battery disconnect. Their solution is expensive - technician has to drive two lengthy sessions, each from cold engine, with the diagnostic reader plugged in to force the OBD to reset. Can’t re-register car in Arizona without “OBD Ready.” Anyone have an alternate, less expensive solution? Anyone else with this experience?

How much driving have you done since the work was done? I believe some monitors require something like 50 drive cycles to return to the “ready” state.

In California this problem also comes up. If you do everything you can to get the checks completed, a ‘referee’ can do the inspection and pass the car for 2 more years. The ‘referee’ station is monitored closely by the California BAR. The car has to have all emissions devices installed and the tail pipe emissions must be under the limits. Maybe, Arizona has a program like this.