Volvo mechanic needed in West Los Angeles

I am looking for a mechanic for my
89 Volvo wagon that needs repairs. It needs new shocks and brake work.
Can anybody recommend a good shop in West Los Angeles CA?

Any decent shop can do shocks and brake work. And Los Angeles is a rather large area so someone could name a shop that is more than an hour away from you.
Do like most people - ask friends , relatives , coworkers who they have had good results from. Also the many online review sites can be a great help .

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This old RWD Volvo is so thoroughly conventional that any good mechanic should have no problem with things like shock replacement and brake repairs. That being said, if you prefer someone who specializes in European cars, you can probably find a few of those shops via a Google search.


I guess you mean the community of West LA. For the guys that aren’t familiar, it’s at the intersection of I-10 and I-405.

I agree that you’re best bet is to ask everyone you know for a good mechanic. Eventually, you will hear a short list of names several times. Try one of those.

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