Volvo, broke timing belt


1993 850 5 cyl. volvo. Am going to replace all the valves and have the head re-worked. Are there any secrets, helpful hints or special quirks to these 5 cyl. Volvo’s ? The car is in really good condition and has a newly rebuilt transmission. I’m guessing it’s worth fixing, givin the pistons haven’t been damaged. Any helpful information would be greatly apppreciated and needed.


The Volvo engine IS an “interferance fit” engine in which some intake and some exhaust valves can be bent if the timing belt slips or breaks. It’s a mistake to assume that ALL the valves are bent. Autozone web lists the intake valves at $18 each, and exhaust valves at $28 each. There are 10 of each. Math? I would let the automotive machine shop pressure/leak/crack test the cylinder head, and replace valves ONLY as they deem necessary. They, also, have the equiptment to cut the valve faces and valve seats much better than can be done with a hand hone. Also, valve springs have to be checked for tension, height, square, etc. In short, the automotive machine shop can just do a better (maybe, less expensive) “valve job”.


Are you saying you’re going to personally replace the valves or have an auto machine shop do this? If the latter, no problem.

You should examine the piston tops for any nicks, even tiny ones. Any nicks MUST have the sharp edges filed off. This prevents the sharp edges from glowing red and causing detonation problems.


I am going to have the machine shop rebuild the head. All I’m going to do is remove the head and then reinstall it when it is done. Wondering how common it is that the piston(s) gets damaged to the point of piston replacement, when these 5 cyl break a time belt? Also wondering if the head removal process for these 5 cyl. have any tricks or uncommon quirks. Thanks for your reply


No No… am going to have the machine shop work the head and valves…wondering how common it is for these 5 cyl to damage the pistons when the time belt breaks…may not be worth the trouble to try and fix…also wondering if there are any special tricks or quirks to these 5 cyl. volvo’s… or is it pretty straight forward…thanks for your reply…anything helps.thanks again