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Volvo 210 V40 with keyless system

Sometimes I get a message that the key battery is low, even though I’ve replaced the battery. Also, sometimes I turn the key knob to start the car, all the dashboard lights come on, but nothing happens. I turn it off and on again, and it starts. Any thoughts?

Battery operated gadgets, especially if they need to use the batteries in high current mode sometime, like to transmit, the batteries can be very annoying. I have this problem all the time w/battery operated flashlights. Especially those little LED flashlights. They start to go dim for no apparent reason. The only solution I’ve discovered is to remove the batteries, clean the posts, and re-insert them back into the flashlight. That always returns the flashlight to full brightness. but it is surely annoying. Suggest you try that first, remove and clean the battery best you can, and re-install. If you have a dvm measure the battery voltage while it is out. It might just be running low on charge.

A pencil eraser is good for cleaning contacts.

Good idea BR. I’ve used that technique too.

Edit: The connections between the batteries and the device … maybe someone somewhere somehow can figure out a better design for all that, what they use now seems no better than 19th century technology.