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Volvo 2004 V70 - ANSWER is WRONG

The power steering pump reservoir is 100% the issue. There is no way it is the tie rod ends. Read the complete link below for the definitve answer…

Actually you are wrong. The problem lies in the power steering rack, the over pressure valves are sticking or totally failed due to a lack of power steering maintenance, here,s a hint the reservoir is a container for the fluid, that is unless the reservoir is leaking itself, it’s fine. Now if the belt were bad it would squeal at full turn lock with or with out throttle application, if the pump was bad in any way the pump would whine continuously, now the power steering rack over pressure valves take a crap then you get a belt squeal due to the power steering pump working harder due to lack of flow through the steering rack. And for the record, the cartalk twins were 100% wrong on every call that came in today.

Hmmm. Food for thought.