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Voltswagon Beetle new model

I am looking at buying a second car, a 2003 voltswagon beetle Turbo- 118,000 miles. The timing chain has been replaced recently. It is in good condition on the outside/inside and loaded on the inside- heated leather seats etc. They are asking $8,000. for it. Is this a fair price? How long do VW beeles run (is the milage to high?). I am wanting it to drive back and forth to work about 50 miles round trip. I do not want to do alot of repair. Are they expensive to repair and upkeep?

A coworker had the 1.8T(urbo) and had a pleathra of problems below 40k over 4 years. Finally found a decent independent mechanic and it turned out problem free once repaired properly the last few years.

It may be okay but the likelyhood of problems is higher than other makes.

I had no problems with mine until the catalytic converter had to be replaced. Unfortunately I didn’t go to an independent mechanic; should have known I was in trouble when the mechanic asked to see my owner’s manual. Four thousand dollars later I finally looked on cartalk’s mechanic rec. site…do make sure you do that before you buy…you’ll need a mechanic! I love the car, but lately it has become very expensive. I’ve thought of just throwing my checkbook down Main street as it seemed the results would be the same. Have the O2 sensors been replaced? Water belt? Any CEL problems reported by the owner? Good luck!

The timing chain has been replaced recently.

I hope not, it has a timing belt. :slight_smile:

How long do VW beeles run

About the same as any other car. If it gets better than average care and not too many short trips (it looks like you are good on this) it will likely do better than most. If it gets lots of short trips and poor care, it will not do well.

Note: Be sure you get the maintenance instructions from the Owner’s manual or directly from VW. Using the right materials and maintenance is very important and dealers don’t always get it right. Read he Owner’s manual.