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Volkswagon Passat

Recently when I start my 1999 Volkswagon Passat the clock and trip meter get reset. But, there are no indicator lights coming on. It seems to happen more often as the weather gets colder.

My husband who is currently deployed to Iraq suggested replacing the battery. Beofre I spend any money doing that I was hoping for a second opinion.

Any ideas?

You can have the battery and the charging system tested. Auto parts stores often do it free. If the battery fails the “load test” you need a new one.

If you’re not having trouble starting the car the battery may be fine, but a test is the way to be sure.

I agree, having it tested won’t hurt anything.

But I agree with your husband, who I assume knows about how old the battery is. If the electronics are getting reset, it is because the voltage goes below what they require. That means the battery cannot supply enough Wattage (voltage and current) to both turn the starter motor and keep the voltage up for the electronics.

However, it could also be corroded battery connections, which would also prevent enough wattage to be present. If you see white powder around the battery terminals, that is corrosion. The battery could also be low on water (if not a sealed battery).

Since he is in the military, I’d bet there is an auto hobby shop on base where someone could help you, without the worries of someone trying to sell you something you don’t need.

Good luck.

Thanks! I will take it to Auto Zone today