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Volkswagon Beetle sitting

Hi to everyone: I have a 1972 Beetle tnat has been sitting for 13 years. What procedure must I take before attempting to start this car? Thanks.

Considering the age of the car and the length of time it’s been sitting it could be a long list of procedures.

Just to assure that it’s going to run well you will need.
New battery.
Replace all gas lines. (Many a VW has burnt to the ground because of this oversight.)
Likely a carburetor overhaul and fuel pump replacement.
Possible cleaning or replacement of the gas tank.

If it gets up and running then the tires will need to be replaced along with the generator belt.
The gen. belt is an absolute must because it drives the engine cooling fan. A broken or badly slipping belt can cause the engine to seriously overheat and burn up.

Brake hydraulics will also likely need to be redone.
This is all just for starters. There will be other things, you can count on it.

Step #1 Find and purchase a copy of “How to keep your VW alive” Make sure it is a late version of the book. It is a classic and worth reading even if you never intend to touch a wrench. It vital if you plan on doing your own work.

I will add new brake lines to OK’s list. It is no fun when they go.