Volkswagen Jetta GLI 2.8 A/C - Clutch Spins, Fans Spin, Dial Moves - Air Not Cold?

One clue is that the low side pressure is at about 80 PSI when the car is off then climbs as the car stays on.
All of the components that I could visually inspect were inspected, of which were the compressor clutch, it turns with the A/C on. The two fans in the front by the grill spin when A/C is on. The climate dial in the car moves all the way to cold. None of the fuses are broken. I looked at the air intake filter, and the cabin filter they look acceptable.
It would make my day to find something simple and save $100.00.

That low side pressure is too low for system equalization, but too high for a properly running system. Any idea what the high side pressure is? Right now, with that little info, it’s either the expansion valve has failed, the compressor has failed, or there is a blockage. Chances of it being less than $100 is slim.

assuming I already knew the last three things that I haven’t checked are the last possible causes of no cool air, the most helpful response is going to be "I know exactly what is wrong, considering the given variables"
when diagnosing the pressure every where that I’ve read say the most common low side should be 40-45 PSI in 70F weather, my pressure is 80 PSI car off, A/C off, then climbs as the car is on, and A/C is on.
I don’t have a high side gauge