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Volkswagen Golf Repair Costs

I’m looking at buying a 2005 VW Golf, but I’ve heard they’re expensive to fix. Does anyone have experience with this?


No more so than any other car.

Some things will be more some less. In general VW has a reputation for having more faults than other cars. This may be true. I have had VW’s since 1970 and have had very few problems and I keep them all over 100,000 miles.

I don't put too much faith into the conclusions from the studies that have been published. While most if not all try to get it right, it is very difficult factor out the human factor.   Expectations can be self fulfilling.  And buyers of one type of car may well consider something minor a fault and report it, while the typical owner of another would not report something that small.  Different groups of owners may well also drive their cars harder or less hard or perform maintenance or not.  

As for the cost of repairs, I have not noticed any difference between my wife’s Toyota and my VW. She has had a little more repairs, but she also has an older car.