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Volkswagen Beetle GLS

We are looking at a 2002 VW bug for my husband’s 22 year-old son. It seems people love them or hate them. Should we steer clear?

Did you ask your husbands 22 year old son? This is kind of a “chicks car”.

VWs in general do not age well. They generally seem to be more expensive than most other cars to repair and need repairs more often than most. If you have any alternatives, you should consider them. Personally, I would have almost anything before I would have an aging VW. Consider domestics and Asian cars. They are cheaper and easier to repair than European cars, and will likely need repairs less often.

" This is kind of a “chicks car”."

A chick magnet! What could be better?

For a 2002 car, condition is everything. If the car is in excellent condition and the current owner has all the repair and maintenance receipts, it could be a great car for his son.