Volkswagen Beetle engine cover stuck



As a forewarning I would just like to say I am new with cars and maintenience right now, so bare with my minimal car lingo :stuck_out_tongue: The Beetle has a cover over the engine with 3 screws holding it in place. I go to take the nuts off of the screws, and they will spin, as I turn the wrench, but they will not move up the screw. One simply broke off with half the screw coming with it, so I got 1 side open. Any suggestions on how I can get these nuts off? Ive tried spraying them with WD-40, doesnt work either. I am afraid that I have tried so much to get them off that I have stripped away all of the threads of the screws.


The covers I have seen including the one on my 2002 NB TDI (Diesel) are secured with two 10 mm nuts under small plastic covers that pop off. The back slides into a rubber socket towards the passenger side. You just pull it out once you have removed those two 10mm nuts. A 10 mm nut driver is a great tool to have around.

So is yours that different or maybe you are removing something else?


It has three 10mm nuts, but ya, its mostly the same. The problem is that the nuts wont come off, they turn, but they simply dont move up the screw.


Anyone know?


I really need ways to get this darn thing offโ€ฆ Im carless until I get this fixed.


How long is the threaded portion sticking up above the nut?