VIN Number

It’s like the commonly used phrase “Smart Car”. Tautological, but nearly everyone finds it the best way to refer to that vehicle. It seems natural to say “There’s a Chevy going down the road”, but awkward to say “There’s a Smart going down the road.” I suppose it is b/c “smart” has a common alternate meaning, but “Chevy” doesn’t.

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I was talking to the OP. This ole computer is pretty slow. Doing a virus scan at the same time and not working too well. Searched for Menards and when I clicked on it got the old Microsoft locked my computer. Yeah right. I’ll be back in a couple hours maybe.

Maybe they should have taken it a few steps further

Leave all the doors open

Leave all the windows down

Leave the engine running


Fake news that warning mr bing, if I can be of help let me know, re op do not make any withdrawals from the atm machine :wink: @bing malwarebytes is a good free resource if you need a security scan and fix.

I did a full scan but nothing found. Might have been tied to the Menards site since it didn’t do it when I clicked on Menards hours instead. Didn’t do it at all on Bing. Usually they just pop up once and you close down and they’re gone but this was about 3-4 times the same place. Evidently maybe an ad pop up or something. Computers are kinda like automatic transmissions to me.

Well, that last item was potentially problematic.
It was a Simca, you know…


Simulated engine sound from a recording?

Clearly an anomaly. If all Simcas were that unreliable, crooks would have been falling all over themselves to steal it for parts. :wink:

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