Video production vehicle suggestions?



Hi. I have a small video production company and I’m debating upgrading my current personal vehicle (a 98 Toyota Tacoma) or getting a separate vehicle to haul stuff and people.

The criteria:

- transports at least three people.

- somewhat good on gas.

- big enough to haul a sizable dolley, jib, big camera cases, and multiple bags of lighting and A/V equipment.

- small (re: cheap) to moderate cost.

Any suggestions are welcome!


A domestic minivan.


If you are considering keeping the Tacoma and using a second vehicle on occasion, look into truck rental for such times. Otherwise I would support the minivan suggestion.


I think a small to medium pickup truck with a cap on the bed would work well. Also, a medium to full-size van would be good too (Chevy Astro, Dodge Sprinter, Ford E-Series, etc.)


Thanks for your suggestions everybody.

Regarding keeping the truck, I’m on the fence. I do have a cover on the bed now, which takes care of pretty much everything we’d max out for field production. The real problem comes in with multiple people in the vehicle.

Vans seem to be the traditional video production vehicle, and for good reason. It seems to be the thing we keep coming back to.