Vibration when steering left at low speed

I have a 1995 AWD Subaru Legacy L Wagon with 190K miles. Lately, I’m getting vibration for about a second or two when I steer left at very low speed, like 5 mph. Most turns are faster than that, so it doesn’t happen very often when driving on streets. Most likely in places such as a parking lot. It feels and sounds similar to driving over a metal grate, and actually thought it was at first. Also, just turning slightly to the left doesn’t do it–at least 45 deg., or maybe a bit more.

Had the manual transmission replaced three years ago, but haven’t had any problem with the steering. I could live with this if it doesn’t get any worse and isn’t a safety issue. But if it needs to be fixed, I’ll take it to a mechanic.

It is a safety issue because you have all wheel drive and if one wheel locks up it will do it at the worst possible time.

Having owned several Subarus, I suggest you check both of your front CV joints. It doesn’t cost to look for split boots or evidence of lubrication loss, Maybe someone could stand outside while you drive past in that tight turn and listen.

Turned out to be the power steering pump. It’s replaced now.

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