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Subaru legacy steering graunch

My 2005 Legacy GT makes a funny noise when steered at slow speed (like pulling into/out of a parking space). It makes a pumping/stuttering noise, especially when the steering is turned all the way to the left or right. Sometimes you can feel a pumping in the wheel, but not always. The mechanics at the dealer have changed the power steering hose and replaced an O ring (in the power steering), but so far they haven’t solved the problem. Any thoughts?

Some cars do not like to have the steering wheel cranked to the max. Don’t hold it forcefully all the way.

This might not be a power steering issue.
Instead, this might be a center differential/viscous coupling issue.

Has the car ever been run with mis-matched tires?
Bear in mind that if it was purchased as a used car, God only knows what the prior owner(s) may have done with the car.

Doesn’t anyone else have something to contribute in order to help the OP?