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Vibration when at stop light

When I stop at stop light there is a vibration. I went to mechanic and he said it’s the engine mount and I went ahead and get new engine mounts install. After receiving back car. I still felt a vibration but when I asked the mechanic he said it’s coming from my muffler. When the car goes in reverse I also feel the vibration and when I’m in drive and foot on brake.
Miles is 98k miles
2010 Honda Accord lx

Find another mechanic because this guy doesn’t know what he his doing.Fixing the muffler could have save you a lot of $$$ and aggravation.

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Vibrations could cause many different reasons, such as faulty spark plugs, poor fuel pressure, or misfires. The broken engine mount is a common cause of vibration. But in your case, it seems that there is another reason. I would suggest finding a professional mechanic who could diagnose the right issue.

New Honda OEM mounts for 2010?

Also before knowing that I needed a engine mount my muffler was making sounds so I had to fix the flex bite on my muffler.

Yes new engine mounts

I can’t imagine a situation in which the muffler is the cause of vibration. The muffler can vibrate because of something else like the engine misfiring but it doesn’t have any moving parts itself.

Could be a subtle engine miss. Have the spark plugs ever been changed? If not, they should be and while the plugs are out would be a good time to run a compression check in case the miss is due to a tight valve.
Valve lash should be checked every 30k miles in my opinion although it is seldom done. Tight lash can also burn an exhaust valve and valve seat in the cylinder head which makes it a pricey repair. Hopefully that is not the case here but it does happen now and then with any car that uses mechanical valve adjusters.

The muffler may rattle because of a vibration but it will not cause a vibration.