Vibration on the freeway

Hello, I have a 2004 SSR. I have recently noticed a vibration while dirving at 65 to 70 mph is most noticeable. I dont think it is a wheel balance, but I am not sure. It seems to have about a 5 to 10 second cycle where it starts out slight and increases during the 5 to 10 second cycle, and goes on over and over. I am thinking that a wheel balance would be a steady vibration, not a cycle type thing. The SSR only has 5800 miles on it. Engine runs smooth and no vibration detected at slower speeds. Any help would be apreciated.



It is hard to tell from here. It could be many things. I would start by rotating the tyres. When was the last time the wheels were rotated? If that did not make any difference, I would start considering the possibility of other suspension or drive train problems.

I would choose that order since I can easily rotate my own wheels and that usually helps determine if there is any problem with the tyres or wheels. If you have to pay to do the work, I might have the shop check out the balance first. You also may want to take a look at the tyres, looking for any bulges or any tread that appears out of line (watch the tread as someone drives the car slowly away from you.)

Good Luck

The tire rotation is out because the factory wheels are 19 inch on front and 20 inch on rear. I am going to check air pressure and hope that cures it. If not, I will have the wheels balanced. You know, I let my nephew drive it around the neighborhood one day and when he returned, I notice rubber behind the left rear wheel on the fender, I hpe he didn’t REVE IT UP and slam it into drive. Cpuld that be the cause?

OK people, I checked the tire pressure on all four. They all read right at 28 psi. These are performance wide and low profile wheels. Then I looked in the door jamb for proper inflation, it read 30 psi on all four. Took my tire guage and 75 cents to the BP station. Got them all to exactly 30 psi. Took it out on the freeway…PROBLEM SOLVED! Tire pressure too low on performance tires, even 2 lbs low, can cause a vibration that seems like a drive train problem. My lesson for the week!