Vibration in the stering wheel

Ever since my truck was toad,its steering wheel has a vibration at exactly 40mph to about 60/65mph. I had the wheels rebalanced, rotated the tires had the toyota dealership look at it. They said they though it was a bent drive shaft. Its an 04 Toyota Tundra 2WD, they took it away on a flat bed. They insist that they did no wrong and the dealership wanted $1200.00 but can’t guarantee its the problem. “Please OBWONCANOBY your my only HOPE!”. I love my truck but the bad vibes have to go!

It might help if you told us why the truck was towed.

It might also help if you told us how many miles are on the truck.

I was parked in a NO Parking Zonedue to street cleaning.The truck has 86000 miles on it.