Vibration in stearing when apply brake



I have 2003 Mitsubishi Galant, 4 cylinder. Recently I took my car for dealer for 60,000 miles service ( which include timing belt replacement, transmission fluid replacement, break fluid replacment and adjust breaks and etc.). After then my car vibrates when I apply brake. So I took to midas and he said you need to replace front brake pads and rotor. I am still have the same problem. I dont know what else to do. Can you please tell what is the problem and what is the solution?



I got front brake pads and rotor replaced… I am still have the same problem.


A loose wheel bearing or suspension component can mimic a brake problem and cause shuddering when braking.

I am about 99% certain that your vehicle is under a Federal recall for ball joints, and worn ball joints can cause a brake shudder.
Loose inner tie rods or outer tie rod ends can also cause this.

You need to contact the closest Mitsubishi dealer as soon as possible and have this checked. If the ball joints are worn then this repair should cost you nothing and is covered by the recall.
This is an extremely dangerous situation and I would advise not driving any more than necessary until the situation is known.


I went to the dealer and there is no recall for my car. The recall your are talking is for 1994 Model.


if your vehicle requires shims on the brake pads and they forgot to install them you will get the shudder you are talking about.


if you apply the brakes harder dose the vibration decrease?


You’re right; the recall does not cover your year model.
If the rotors and the pad replacement are known good (they’re new, but…) then one has to suspect a loose wheel bearing or suspension compenent such as tie rods or ball joints.

60k is a bit young for those problems but it does happen all the time. Driving in high water, rough roads and whatnot, all contribute to suspension damage.

Several months ago a ball joint failed on my daughter’s Galant, but she was lucky in that it broke as she pulled in the drive.
This joint HAD been replaced under the recall and failed again in less than 50k miles. Anything is possible.


HA…atleast you understand my problem…
The vibration is when I am trying to slow down, but if I apply brakes harder the vibration kind of reduces…

And also I have noticed this vibration is less when I drive the car for first couple miles. It looks like the vibration increases as the brakes or rotor gets heated.


the slide bushings are probibly worn out. they hold the caliper on, or the calipers are not corectly bolted on