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Vibration at all speeds in automatic transmission in an 1987 Chevy s10

I have a vibration at all speeds? I believe its in the drive-train i replaced new crank and junk yard trans/ hermomic balancer also there was a broken motor mount and welded it up. I’t is a 2 piece drive-shaft what is causing the vibration and how can I fix it?

There’s not much room to breathe easy when you get things from the junkyard.

So, perhaps one of the parts you bought and installed is defective OR you may have an off-balance driveshaft. Maybe just one or maybe both.

Inspect very thoroughly the hanger bearing and the U-joints.

How are the tires? Any missing the counter-weights?

What’s the alignment like?

the bearing is new, drive-shaft: all weights are in place there is new also new U-joints and new tires good alignment i ment to say torque converter not harmonic balancer

also even with the old transmission there was a vibration as well and the stabilizer bearing is new i ment

rear or front wheel drive?

rear wheel drive with a new seals and and new breaks all the way around new lines and rebuilt calipers