Vibration after mounting new tires

How do I isolate the “bad tire” if severe vibration ocurs after mounting 4 new tires. One is probably “out of round”…how to isolate it.???

Do you have a full service spare? If so, you can rotate that into the equation until you find the guilty tire.

If not, take them back and have the balance rechecked. If they cannot find the problem, ask if they have a machine that does “road force balancing”. It applies a simulated road force to the tire while spinning it via a drum pressed against the tread. Thes machines will find defects that reular spin balancing will not.

One other way to isolate the vibration is to swap the fronts with the rears one side at a time. If you swap the right side and the vibration moves from the steering wheel to the seat, you’ll know it’s the right side tire now on the rear. If swapping the right side yields no change, and the left side does, you’ll know again which wheel it is.

Thanks so much for your rapid reply. I did swap Frt. to rear on right side . No Change. Then did same on left & trouble did move from " seat to steering wheel AND a severe pulling left. I then replaced this LF with my “donut spare” and trouble disappeared. The Culprit is the LF. These were Kumho’s by the way, size 185/70/14 and tire rack is sending me a replacement. Appreciate your help. Ed

Outstanding. Thanks for posting back.

Happy motoring.