Vibe front end braking Noise

What’s that noise coming from the front end driver side. About 2 months ago Firestone replaced my 06 Vibe 5 speed manual base brakes, rotors, calipers, brake line & fluid replaced. The car is still making a noise when braking at low speeds. It generally happens after the cars been driven awhile or when warm. It sounds like metal on metal scraping. I can also feel vibration in the steering wheel when braking, is it possible that the hub bearing is going. I had the bearing replaced on the passengers side 2 years ago. Doesn’t quite sound like the first bearing replacement. I took it back to shop and they replaced the brakes again when they replaced and flushed the lines. The problem is by the time they get to the car it’s cooled down and they don’t hear the sound. Should I have the hub wheel bearing replaced or is it something else.

Wheel bearing problems usually show up as a growling noise which gets louder the faster you go. Low speed braking aren’t usually where they first show up. Sometimes they will show up on low speed turning though, as a sort of whooooooooshp, whooooooshp, noise. Either way, I wouldn’t describe a typical wheel bearing noise as “scraping”. I expect this is something else.

Could also be the brake backer plate. Maybe it is slightly bent and it and the rotor touch under the right conditions. You could jack each corner up, take the wheel off and see whether you can see it touch or at least be close to touching.

I’ll have to have the mechanic look at the brake backer plate. The steering wheel vibrates as well. When they replaced the rotors wouldn’t they have seen the backer plate and tested it for damage?