Veteran needs help please

Hello my name is Charlie and I am a 28 year old disabled veteran. I served 4 years in the Air Force. I am now diagnosed with anxiety disorder, mood disorder, imsomnia, and major depressive disorder. I am currently in a homeless program for veterans on long island New York. I’ve never looked into this befor or ever even thought of it but a fellow vet told me about it. A car would be extremely beneficial to me because it would help me be able to get a steady job and be able to go back and forth to the VA for appointments. I apply for jobs and get interviews and actually get the job but transportation to and from the job is what gets in the way and prevents me from actually maintaining the job. I just recently this week recieved a HUD vash voucher so that I can get an apartment. It is a great thing and I am very greatful to have recieved it but its hard to choose a place to live where it has to be close to where I would work. Buses and trains only get me so far and the price I pay to get back and forth sometimes is greater then the amount of money I would make. So I am embarrassed to ask for this tyoe of help but I figured it couldn’t hurt to try. A vehicle would greatly improve my life in many ways and it would be nothing but positive. Thank you for your time and I apologize to even ask for this help it makes me feel weak. But thank you again and have a nice holiday and happy new year.



Thank you for your service.

I don’t think anybody here will donate you a vehicle, cold, over the net…but there’s certainly a tip or two about how to get wheels free, or nearly free, floating around out there.

I know the Goodwill around here takes cars as donations, fixes them, and sells them (at discount price) at auction. Get a good network of friends/family around you, and don’t be afraid to use 'em. Church membership is vital if you’re struggling, and a good way to “make yourself at home” for anybody in a new neighborhood.

Don’t feel above public transportation. Since so many of them now accommodate bicycles, a bus pass + bike will get you around most metropolitan areas…the bus gets you close; the bike gets you to things within 5mi or so of the bus line. (Obviously I don’t know your personal health situation.) I made do for 2 months in Tampa with just a bicycle–granted, it stunk, but got me to all my jobs and back (and I lost 20#).

Explain your situation to your boss–if you’re the sort of employee he’d rather keep, he might be able to figure a way around this impasse…or guide you towards someone who can. While few people will give away a running car, you might (with some repair know-how) convince them to part with a non-running specimen for (almost) nothing–that you can then get running yourself.

Finally, consider removing your actual name from the web. All sorts of liability having it out there, with not much upside: anybody willing to help will PM you first; divulge personal info then.

Sincere thanks for your service.

This forum is not the best venue for searching for a car donation, but perhaps the VA or your program will have suggestions. In the interim, meanjoe has given you some good suggestions: public transportation and/or a bicycle. If you live in an appropriate climate, a scooter would even be a great option. Sometimes you can find one cheap in the newspaper’s classified under “the attic” section.

If you have family that can help, that’s another option.

Sincere best from a fellow vet.

Please Google for: eft gary craig.

EFT is based on acupuncture without needles. It works most of the time. In the late 90’s, they went into a government psychiatric hospital and sent home several men with PTSD who had been in the hospital since the VN war.

There are volunteers who will give free help to a certain point.

Mr, Craig was an engineer. He said when there was a problem he went out; fixed the problem; and went home. He discovered that mental and emotional health practitioners charge a fortune, and at times worked with someone for 20 years with no help at all. He was rather miffed.

Hi Charlie,

I also thank you for your service. TSM and meanjoe have given you good feedback. I did edit out your last name to protect your privacy. A good deal on a car will most likely come from your personal network of friends, family, and acquaintances. In addition, I do know that both Nassau and Suffolk counties both have veterans’ offices, and those agencies can also help with transportation to medical appointments if that’s something you’re struggling with in the short term. Also, with the proper documentation of your status, NYS can exempt you from vehicle registration fees and also provide you a break, if not full exemption, from Thruway tolls. That’s not on Long Island, but tolls ain’t cheap around here and every little bit helps when you’re trying to get on your feet. Good luck to you.

Thinking that having a vehicle is “nothing but positive” is not completely realistic - especially given that you are bringing this up on a forum designed for the most part around people writing in to troubleshoot car problems. Having a car would be helpful for you, but also remember that it brings its own added expenses for licensing, registration, inspections, insurance, maintenance, repairs and fuel; and in NY parking alone can be challenging and costly.

I’d recommend first finding a home that is close to public transportation and then looking for work in accessible areas along that transportation route. If you are mechanically inclined, working at a repair shop might just land you an affordable vehicle. About 10 years ago we sold one of our cars to the shop we had taken it to for maintenance - I think we asked $150 for it?

Life is always about clearing away the challenges we face & opening up the blockages to our success. I applaud you for identifying the challenges and facing them with a great attitude and good sense. Wishing you all the best!

Charlie, there are charities that will give you a car. Check out these web sites:

The next link gives you ideas on how to apply for a car: