Very frustrated and angry bleach in gas tank

Have a 2005 jeeep grand cherokee. Started car up drove about a mile and the truck shut off. Dropped tank and found out there was the smell of bleach. Cleaned tank replaced fuel filter. Pump makes normal noise when trying to crank over. Still wont start after flushing everything out. Could the injectors got messed up. Im clueless now can somebody please help. Thanks. ANd if possible can you email the answer to my phone

It’s possible. I have no idea what bleach will do to things like injectors. I’m sure it’s not good for them.

Take a short cut through all of that “What IF?”. Go through the usual diagnostic procedure for an engine stall/failure to start: Check for fuel pressure; Check for fuel injector signal pulses with 'noid fuel injector test lights; Check for spark with a spark plug/spark tester. We’ll assume that the engine is getting air. So, for a fire, you need: 1. fuel, 2. ignition spark, 3. air. Check for each.

Bleach is very corrosive to metals, anything from the gas tank to the injectors. The trouble could be anywhere. I wonder if you are getting fuel flow? If not, maybe injectors are bad. Real trouble is likely.

Your car stalled and you immediatly removed the gas tank? Did a message come to you indicating that your someone had put bleach in your gas tank? Nice of them to tell you where to start looking. Does your car run if you prime it? this would rule out a total ignition or mechanical failure.

I drove it for a mile and it sputtered then stalled. My uncle has a car dolly and the next morning I drropped the tank I got a fuel fi lter and a new sock. Drained whole fuel system cleaned tank because you could smell bleach strong even before dropping the tank.

Did you do the prime test?

On the fuel rail near the injectors will be an access port. Remove the Shrader valve and turn the key on and off to purge the line up to that point…Try spraying a little gasoline into the throttle body to get it to start. Hopefully, when the injectors clear, the car will run normally…