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Very cold air thru defroster

Not that this is a bad thing…What I was wondering is why the air coming through the defrost vent feels like AC’d air. The AC is not on.

Actually, it is “on”.
On modern vehicles, the A/C compressor is automatically activated when the defroster is used.
The dehumidifying action of the A/C helps the defroster to clear the windows of condensation.

If you take a look at your Owner’s Manual, it likely has an explanation of the functioning of the HVAC system and its controls, and you could probably benefit from reading this information.

Yes, believe it or not, the AC is on.

You may not think you turned the AC on, but when you turn the defroster on the AC compressor kicks in, so, in effect, you’ve turned on the AC.

The AC dehumidifies the air, and dry air works much better as a defogger/defroster than damp air, so most modern cars automatically switch on the AC compressor when you select “Defrost.” I know Ford vehicles do this.

You can moderate the temperature of the air coming out of the defroster vents by adjusting the temperature knob. The AC compressor will still run, and the air will still be dehumidified, but you can make it warmer if you choose.

You can have dehumidified air at any temperature. The AC and the heater work together. It’s not one or the other.

The above posts are correct. If you must have warmer air turn up the temp switch or lever.

thank you for that info! i did look in the manual and didn’t see an explanation. probably should’ve look in the AC section. obviously, had no idea the AC automatically kicks on in defrost (i have an’08 ford escape). my last vehicle was an '03 mini cooper which definitely did not have this function.