Venture transmission problems?

The wife has an 03 Chevy Venture with 105K. For a while now, putting it into gear (automatic transmission), it sometimes takes maybe 5-10 seconds to drop into gear and then it does so very hard. I had the transmission fluid changed a while ago and it reduced it but not completely and now it’s coming back. Am I headed for transmission problems? Is there anyway to prevent and/or fix this?

Have you checked the transmission fluid level since the fluid change? If the fluid level is up to the ‘hot full’ line, maybe Transman618 will chime in with his advice.


Transmission fluid level is fine. The color is reddish brown with some black/soot on the edges of the wipe rag.

When you put it in gear, it will sometimes not drop in until you gently press the gas and then it drops in hard and the car jerks forward.

The transmission fluid should not be reddish-brown; it should be reddish-pink. And there should be no black/soot on the wipe rag.

If the fluid was clean after this fluid change you had done and it has discolored this quickly then the transmission is more than likely on the way out.
Black deposits and discolored fluid is a sign of friction material being removed from the clutch packs. Condolences. :frowning: