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Vehicle Towing Question

Hyundai Santa Fe FWD wouldn’t start had had to have it towed to auto repair shop. Even though the tow driver had the key and ability to put vehicle in neutral, he loaded it on a flatbed by dragging it 5-6 feet onto the flatbed while in park.

Is it possible to damage the transmission or any other components with this method?

The parking pawl could be damaged, I suppose, by doing this. Seems like the height of laziness to me. How hard would it have been to put the transmission in neutral?

That’s probably not enough to flat-spot your tires, but I’d take a look for that anyway.

That’s plain ignorant. There is no excuse for that. You all think this clown would do that to his OWN vehicle? (Well, maybe)

Make sure you get it in writing from that guy as to what he did and make certain his boss knows what he did. (Unless he is the boss)

You may well have a problem down the road resulting from this.