Vehicle to accomodate Dad's injured leg


We need to find a vehicle that will allow my father to keep his left leg straight and elevated in front of him while we drive him to work, medical appointments, etc. We are willing to adjust interior of the vehicle if needed.

Also need room to transport walker, wheelchair, etc.

We currently have a Subaru Outback, which we love. However, it has no place for a passenger whose left leg must be kept elevated…


I would think a minivan with 3 row seating, remove the middle row, could be an option.


Check out a Chevy Equinox or GMC Terrain. The rear seat moves forward and back to provide more legroom. You could put the chair or walker in the cargo area. Find one on the showroom floor and see if there is enough leg room for Dad in the back.


Without a doubt; for difficult loading and awkward seating arrangement, nothing beats a minivan.


How many people need to be able to ride in the car?

Take the front passenger seat out of your Outback, and put your dad in the back passenger seat. If you only need one other passenger, that will work.


I concur… remove the front passenger seat.

If this is going to be a long term disability, consider a van with a chair lift.

On a side note, about 40 years ago, my father shattered his right leg in a motorcycle accident. It was nearly amputated and after multiple orthopedic surguries, it was saved and cast up to the hip for 6 months.

He never stopped riding motorcycles. He rode his BSA motorcycle, which had the brake on the left side, and he connected a broomstick to the shifter on the right side.

He used a welding rod around the cast with a hook fashioned in the end that suspended his leg on the right front fork. Now that is unbridled spirit!