Vehicle moving

How much does it cost to ship Honda Accord 2011 from Florida to Illinois? Some companies ask for almost $2,000.

Sounds like it costs $2000, no?

There are reasons people have cars shipped. In McAllen, Texas, old retirees (I mean older than me, I am 70 now, heh, heh) sometimes fly down and have a car shipped. But, more often they fly down and find an older Crown Vic to buy, then park it all summer while in the north if they own their mobile home.

I bought a new 2002 Sienna in 2001. I expected it to be the last car I ever bought, if not wrecked, because I assumed when I got to 70, I wouldn’t feel much like driving across the country. A year ago, a neighbor in our retirement park drove from Minneapolis, he was in his late 80’s. I told my wife I think we need to start saving for another one.

This last October, we went to the States, and I had thought it would be too far to drive to Florida and back. I feel strong, but the 720 mile days I used to do seem too long. So, we took it easy, went around 500 miles a day, and it was an easy trip.

Are there personal not-our-business reasons you can’t drive it, or are you one of those folks who simply have never driven that far, and it intimidates you? The first time is scary, but one gets used to long trips. My first one was in 1964 and I drove from the Midwest to Ft. Lewis, 2050 miles before I-80 was done.

For $2000 you should be able to drive it, paying all expenses and motel costs at night, and have money for a return airplane trip if you aren’t moving, plus some left over.

You can shop around and get various bids - they’ll vary and some are better than others.

One thing to watch out for is that your vehicle isn’t trucked to a depot to be unloaded and reloaded days later. That’s where the damage happens. It is usually best to go with a company that just carts it from A to B, without unloading the cars.

Any recommendations?? I heard good things about Montway auto transport. Need to check it out.

I’ve heard good things about them. There are review sites out there for auto transport companies.

Also make sure that whom you contact is not a middle man for someone else that may service your particular route. There are lots of brokers out there that farm the actual job out to who knows. The price obviously goes up because of having to pay the middle man but the sub contractor may not have the same standards as the people you actually send a payment to.

You have to be more exact. Miami to Chicago is at 1400 miles. Pensacola, FL to Carbondale, IL is only 650 miles.

If it costs $2000 to ship the car, consider driving and take a plane back. If you plan 2 weeks in advance, discount airlines, if the are available for your travels, can be a inexpensive. Chicago/Midway to Ft Lauderdale is around $200 nonstop on 1/15/2013, for instance.

Why not drive it yourself?

For $2000. I’ll come to FL and handle the shipping for you! That trip should cost you no more than $900.00 total, unless you insist it travel in a covered trailer - then add a couple hundred $! TOTAL! Check out movers on the Inet. I shipped my car from Chicago to AZ (almost to CA) for $750. this past Oct. Good luck.

@gossip70, that sounds like too much money.

A family friend just had a Grand Cherokee TRUCKED from Los Angeles to Florida (not sure where).
It sure didn’t cost him $2000