Vehicle Information

Is there an app or web page that is searchable by make and model of car concerning vehicle accessory controls? i.e. trunk, ebrake, gas lever…?

What do you want to know about the accessory controls?

I’ve never seen anything like that. It would definitely be useful though it there was. The closest thing from my experience is AllData’s web site.

I think the best thing to do is look in the owner’s manual for the particular vehicle

If the information is not there, a factory service manual might have what you’re looking for

it would also be nice if we knew what this mystery vehicle was, and what problem you’re experiencing with it

If the question has to do with a handicap, there are shops that specialize in adapting vehicles for disabled owners. Your state’s ADA office will definitely be able to provide a list of these businesses in your area.

Hey Mountainbike. Give yourself a gold star! You may have given the correct answer to this poorly worded question.

I won’t know until I find out if my guess was right. Hopefully we’ll hear back from the OP.