Vapor lock maybe

While driving one day the car shut down and would not restart. So we replace the starter, didn’t help. So we change the fuel pump Which was a huge pain, since we just filled the tank. As soon as we installed the new water pump car started right up. We shut it off , came back to restart it and it would not start. So the next morning we went out to start it, it started right up and then shut itself off within 5 minutes.Can anyone offer some advice or instructions ?

What year? Vapor lock requires a long drive to occur, not a few minutes. How did it ‘shut itself off’? All at once, or did it struggle, then die?

Since you didn’t tell us what year your 88 is, I have to assume it is fuel injected because of the in tank pump. Injected cars don’t usually vapor lock.

I can’t understand why you replaced the starter and the water pump… just because you know how??

Diagnose the failure, don’t just throw parts at the car. Start by charging the battery. Next, remove the air intake hose from the throttle body and spray starter fluid in while a friend cranks the engine. If it starts and only runs while you spray fluid, you have a fuel supply problem.

If nothing happens, you have an ignition problem. If there was no check engine light on before the car stopped… very likely a crankshaft position sensor.


A bad crankshaft position sensor will cause a car to shut off out of the blue.


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