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2000 buick 3.8 not the fuel pump

replaced fuel pump and pump relay. did not cure problem, which is will not start after brief shut down. usually happens on hot days but sometimes while driving it just quits. after a short period (1 minute) it will usually start again until next time. last suggestion was “when it doesn’t start, shoot some ether in intake”. it started then died when ether was used up but that eliminated ign problem? I have noticed that when it won’t start if I open gas cap and try again–it usually starts. time period or what? fuel filter changed also. bad gas cap possible but loosening cap does not always work, just most of the time. older gentleman needs suggestions. can’t afford to buy different car. module? cam shaft sensor? GM mechs are stumped and it gets expensive to replace guesses. Ron

Maybe it’s vapor locking?? I have that problem with my '88 Escort sometimes. Sometimes if I shut it down on a very hot day the fuel system will vapor lock and the car won’t start until I relieve the pressure on the fuel system. If the car starts on starting fluid and dies out shortly afterward you’re not getting fuel.

Fuel injection systems don’t vapor lock. You may have a problem with the canister purge system. You should be getting a check engine light with codes. If you are overfilling your gas tank, you might have saturated the charcoal canister and now it can’t breath.

Ron, Which Model ( Century, LeSabre, Park Avenue, Regal ) 2000 Buick 3.8L Is This ?

“Fuel injection systems don’t vapor lock.”

Have them check the fuel pump module located behind the left side trunk panel.