Vanna White (1992 Pontiac Transport) is ailing

After a quick stop at the store, Vanna White started acting bizarre on the trip home:

No power windows

No heat or A/C

Battery and tachometer gauges quit working

Reduced engine power.

Fuses have been checked and are intact.

Battery is relatively new.

Alternator has been replaced.

Any suggestions? Help!!!

Just checking

This could be one of those situations where the dashboard ground(s) became loose. There are a few wires joined together that are grounded with a screw or bolt holding them tight. There could be one or two of them at the firewall right above the carpet end. Then, there are the battery terminals being corroded and things like that.

Are all the drive belts still in place and functioning? I’d check the connections at the battery, the alternator, and the ground connections. Sounds like you’re losing electrical power somehow.

Checked your sugggetions and couldn’t find any loose ground wires. Battery terminals seem fine.

Any other suggestions?