Vanagon Don't Gon No Mo

1991 Vanagon GL-Ok, first off my gas gauge was inoperable so we traced it down to the sending unit. Disconnected the battery, drained the tank, dropped the tank and replaced the sending unit and all the fuel lines, seals, etc. In the meantime we also replaced the starter while it was up. Gassed her up, tried to start it. Nothing. Lifted it up again, checked the starter unit to see if it was getting a current, no current. Went to the fuse box, tested the fuses, all is good. Went to the battery and tested it, it was producing a current. Thought we might have moved, hit, loosen something when putting the gas tank back in so we lowered the tank to see if there was anything loose, disconnected, etc. Nothing. Reinstalled the tank. Went to the engine compartment and tested the alternator, no juice. Damn. Traced the wiring from the battery to the engine and test the battery cable, no juice in the harness by the gas tank. Went to the front of the van, took out the drivers headlight and tested the lines there. There is a long green object like a capacitor or something with three wired running to it, tested it no juice flowing through it. Tested a connection before the long green object and there is juice there. Is it the long green thing? Do I need to call in the Witches of Warwick to de-demonize it? Help!

You keep saying current, how do you know there is current flowing? And why are you trying to measure current? You should be looking for voltage.

Ok, voltage. The point being there is no voltage, current. It’s dead. Checked it with a volt meter and light tester.

Is there a fuse, resistor or something in between I am not aware of besides in the fuse box?

thanks for your comments

You may want to ask that question on
There’s an entire forum dedicated to later VW buses.

Thanks, good idea.

That “long green object” is your cooling fan resistor.

Check your grounds at the Battery and also at the Transmission. You will not have power if your grounds are faulty. Next check power to the main post at the starter itself. The positive battery cable goes from your battery to the starter. From there there is a cable going to your Alternator.

Thesamba is a great source for information on Vanagon’s. :slight_smile: