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Van has no power... Please delete post

Hiya, partner has a Peugeot bippa, it starts but no power, any ideas what could be wrong before we get a garage to look.
Thank you

Starts but no power could mean a lot of things. Starts but will not move? Starts but moves slowly? Starts but runs really badly?

Haha as you can tell I don’t drive. Starts but doesn’t move

Not that any ideas would do you any good , you are going to pay the shop to solve this. If you tell them someone on a web site forum said to do something that is just going to irritate them. Also this is mainly a US site and Peugeot has not been sold here in years .

My first guess would be a transmission issue of some sort of it starts, runs well, but doesn’t move. But I think it’s going to the shop in the end. Good luck.

check the silly things, namely- is the parking brake on?

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Thanks I’ll remove post

No need to remove post. It is still of interest to us even if we can provide only very little help.

Nope, I want to read it every single day. You can’t delete your post. J/K Haha