Van fails to start sometimes

Occasionally and sometimes often, my van will not start. After attempting to start, I can wait 5-10 minutes and it will start with a second attempt. Sometimes I have to try 2 or 3 times before it will start and it always takes at least 5 minutes for it to start. If I attempt to start the van before the 5 minutes lapses it will take at least 5 minutes again before it will start. I don’t believe that it’s flooding. A friend had a similar problem with a car and said that it was a sensor. I hop you can help me with this problem. Thanks, Paul

What make and year is the van? Have you taken it to a shop? The sensor sounds plausible. It could also be the fuel pump.

It’s a Chevrolet 3500 express van, 1999 model. I haven’t taken it to a shop yet.

Do you know which sensor it could be?