Why do so many mechanics use Valvoline in their shop? Do they get it cheap?
I always have avoided it. Back in “the day”, if I had a car that burned oil, it would use twice as much with
Valvoline of the same labeled viscosity. I never got over that.
At the moment I could get a 5 qt jug of Valvoline synthetic cheap, so I wonder if I am being silly.

I usually reference “Bob is the oil guy” for lube opinions.

I think you’ll find every possible opinion known to man when it comes to motor oil. That is more of an argument bait the car brands. Literally Ford vs Chevy debates are more gentle that motor oil debates.

I have come to the conclusion that as long as it meets the specs laid out by the manufacturer of whatever you want to put it in, WHILE ALSO being a brand that you feel good about, then you should be fine.

BTW, I like Motorcraft Synthetic Blend. Reason being: I saw some UOAs of Motorcraft Blend compared to Mobil One Synthetic on the same vehicle with the Motorcraft even having a few more miles on it. The results were very comparable. Since MC is about 1/2 the price… That’s what I go for.

I like Valvoline too. It is good in IMO.

I think Valvoline is as good as any other oil. I had a,1971 Ford Maverick and had been using Sunoco 10W-40. I would go about 1200 miles to a quart. I saw Valvoline 10W-40 on sale for 25¢ a quart and decided I couldn’t pass up a bargain. I could go 1500 miles to a quart with Valvoline.
Some years back, Consumer Reports tested motor oils and the same brand had different qualities as far as how,well it poured at low temperatures and how well it maintained its viscosity at high temperatures. I would bet that a refineey in a particular area bottles the same oil under different brand names.

Valvoline is the oldest oil brand in the country and probably in the world, it was formulated in1866 and the name was trademarked in 1873, It, like most of the oil companies in the US quickly became part of John D Rockefeller’s Standard Oil Trust. The Feds broke up the trust in 1911. That never would have happened today, the company would have bribed, oh excuse me, lobbied Congressmen and everything would have been fine for them.

In the 40s 50s and 60s Valvoline was higher detergent than some and good at freeing sticky rings, valves and lifter

I would have no hesitation in using it today.

Actually, I just found an even bigger rebate on Mobil 1, so…

"Actually, I just found an even bigger rebate on Mobil 1, so… "

I saw that and I use Mobil-1. I was going to stock up (up to 10 quarts can earn rebate), but make sure you are interested in buying from a participating retailer on the list. I don’t use those retailers and there are none near me.


I would imagine there’s not a current motor oil on the planet or an oil ever made that hasn’t been crucified.

I can anecdotally report that of the 3 oils I have used in my current car: Mobil-1, Valvoline “Synpower”, and Amsoil OEM, that my car uses the most oil with Mobil-1, very little with Valvoline Synpower, and no oil when running Amsoil. (I run 6K oil changes) YMMV. All are very good oils in my opinion.

I also avoid Valvoline and others like it…namely Havoline and the worst…Quaker State. I use Castrol GTX exclusively because I’ve never had a problem with it.

I used Valvoline all the time until Mobil One Synthetic came out. Never had a problem with Valvoline.

For my Mustang it’s always Pennzoil Platinum 5W-20
For the F-150 it’s whatever major brand is on sale at the time, usually PYB, or Valvoline, or sometimes Castrol.
The TR6 it’s Castrol GTX 20W-50 and nothing else.

I usually go with K&N oil filters

How could Cale Yarborough be wrong? Valvoline!!!

He can’t be wrong. But he CAN be bought!!
Hey, if somebody offered me a million bucks to tell people to put fish oil in their engines I’d do it in a heartbeat! Caveat emptor!

…Then people would be arguing about what type of fish is best for a turbocharged engine.

Only cod in my crankcase!

I would suggest not using crappie (fish) oil in your crankcase.

“He can’t be wrong. But he CAN be bought!!”

It seems to me the same thing happened when Carroll Shelby started shilling for Z-Max. Maybe there is enough money to ruin your reputation among the public.

Endorsements and advertising build up a following for any brand. I ran a,1978 Oldsmobile 240,000 miles and used whatever oil was on sale. In fact, one time I bought Citgo oil wh ich, with the rebate cost me nothing. I think the purpose in giving away the oil was to build up a loyal customer base that bought into the message that changing brands of oil could lead to early engine problems.

@Triedaq: If you use crappie oil, you might get scrod.

Going way way back now…didn’t transmission fluid used to be made of whale oil?